Hypnotherapy, Vaping and Champix







Since 2010, I have consulted with thousands of people, committed to quit smoking. I have listened to first-hand accounts about Hypnotherapy, vaping and Champix.

In September this year, Champix medication was removed from shelves across Australia due to dangerous side-effects. It was also banned in Europe several years ago. In October, nicotine products used for vaping became restricted without a Doctor’s prescription.

What does this mean? Dangerous quit smoking/reduction methods will be harder to get. I’ll explain why they are dangerous and why it’s good they have been restricted.

Note: I am going to be biased towards my work in Hypnotherapy for 2 key reasons.

  1. The top rule in health care is, “Do no harm.” Vaping and Champix do more harm than good and hypnotherapy does the least harm, with greatest efficacy.
  2. Hypnotherapy for quit cigarettes comes with a lifetime guarantee. Stop smoking in one session or I work with you until successful. I provide support to deal with the physical, habitual and psychological triggers.


This drug was reasonably successful at blocking cigarette cravings. 2-4 months of not smoking was common but when they felt stressed, people went back to the ciggies.

Those that reacted badly to Champix stopped taking it due to these side-effects.

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Time off work due to sickness
  • Vivid nightmares and waking exhausted
  • Serious thoughts of self-harm and aggression
  • Hallucinations, unable to discern dreams from reality

Vaping and NRT

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a sales campaign. Did you ever notice that the vaping, gum and patches contain nicotine? Of course. Marketing nicotine as a quit smoking method, is laughable. They are nicotine products, not therapy, as the name advertises. If you were going to quit eating chocolate, you wouldn’t ingest more of it.


Hypnosis has been used as the easy way to quit smoking, well before these medications were marketed and then banned. What if it doesn’t work? Can I be hypnotised? It is an amazing thing to think you can go to a 1 hour appointment, close your eyes and never smoke again but that is what thousands of people do every day.

How does it work? Every smoker believes they need to smoke. However, after hypnosis, you start to think and feel differently. Rather than being anxious all the time, you have little to no cravings. You get tools to improve health; deal with stress better and handle social situations. We proactively help you deal with your smoking triggers.

Benefits of quit smoking hypnotherapy

  • Removing the cravings
  • Improving health
  • Managing stress better
  • Avoiding weight gain when quitting

There is a big difference between Hypnotherapy, vaping and Champix, to quit smoking. I continue to practise Hypnotherapy because it is the most effective and least harmful method.

My offer using hypnotherapy is to help you quit smoking without the cravings and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. “Quit Smoking In 1 Session or I Work With You For Free Until Successful.”

I welcome discussing your health goals and helping you get results. Book a free 30 minute information session to find out more. This is available in person at Chermside and by phone for those outside of Brisbane.

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