Alcohol Treatment Using Hypnosis in Brisbane

Whether you’re from Brisbane or Sydney, drinking and alcohol are major parts of Australian culture. A cold beer after work, a wine over dinner or a nightcap before bed are all common ways to treat yourself at the end of a long day. But sometimes we lose sight of a healthy relationship to alcohol and find ourselves in the throws of addiction or dependency. At Inspire Hypnotherapy we use hypnosis as an effective alcohol treatment to help you regain control over your drinking habits. Our clinic in Chermside, northern Brisbane is ideally located for residents throughout the city from upper Toombul and Caboolture to central Stafford or Fortitude Valley.

Rebuild a Healthy Relationship to Alcohol with Hypnosis

We all like to have a drink every now and then, and we should all be able to indulge when we want to. The problem becomes when negative emotions or mental health impact our ability to keep control over our alcohol intake. Alcohol treatments using hypnosis may help you to regain control over these habits and allows people to make more mindful choices when it comes to alcohol consumption. Our hypnotherapy treatments are useful for many forms of addiction or health issues from weight loss to depression, anxiety and to quit smoking. If you find yourself struggling with an addiction or mental health issue contact Inspire Hypnotherapy and take the first steps to a healthier you.

Book an Appointment at Our Chermside Clinic

If you’re struggling with an unhealthy relationship to alcohol you may find hypnotherapy useful. We begin every hypnosis journey with a free 30-minute consultation to better understand your mindset and needs. Simply book an appointment at our Chermside clinic or call us on 1300 089 099 to learn more about our services. We’ve helped countless people across Brisbane, from inner city Stafford and Fortitude Valley to upper Toombul and Caboolture rebuild healthy habits using hypnotherapy and we’re sure we can help you too.