Expert Hypnosis for Alcohol and Drinking Reduction in Brisbane

Do you feel as though you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol? Does it affect sleep quality and state of mind or otherwise impact your health? Has binge drinking gotten out of control? A cold beer after work, a wine over dinner or a nightcap before bed, are common ways to relax at the end of a long day. Sometimes we lose sight of a healthy relationship with alcohol and find ourselves dependent.

At Inspire Hypnotherapy we use hypnosis to help you stop or reduce drinking habits. The intention of this alcohol treatment by hypnosis, is to feel more in control and make mindful choices. Contact us today for a confidential discussion. Our clinic in Wavell Heights is ideally located for residents throughout Caboolture, Chermside, Stafford, Toombul and north Brisbane.

How Do We Help You Rebuild a Healthy Relationship to Alcohol with Hypnosis?

The problem becomes when stress and anxiety impact our ability to control alcohol intake. Hypnosis for drinking reduction helps you create a healthier relationship with alcohol. We’ll listen to your story and assist with weight loss, managing your stress levels and increasing energy.

As well as hypnotherapy for alcohol reduction, we treat many forms of addiction and health issues from weight loss to depression, anxiety and to quit smoking. If you find yourself struggling with an addiction or mental health issue contact Inspire Hypnotherapy and take the first steps to a healthier you.

How Does Hypnosis Reduce Alcohol Intake?

Oftentimes, when an individual is overwhelmed, they seek what gives them the easiest stress release, such as alcohol. Over time, the stressful emotions become a trigger that signal for the person to reach for alcohol. Our hypnosis helps overcome such triggers and creates a positive mindset where you reach out for healthier habits instead.

In addition, alcohol problems can occur out of a need to suppress or even to feel other emotions in a magnified manner. Our hypnosis helps build a healthy foundation for you to process your emotions without needing to reach for an external addictive substance, such as alcohol.

Why Choose Hypnosis Treatment for Alcohol Reduction?

Treatment is available for those who want to stop drinking completely or reduce alcohol to a healthy level. We understand alcohol includes psychological, habitual and mental components. We take into account your situation and life-style. During treatment we focus on what you want and having healthy alternatives for your alcohol trigger times.


“I have struggled with addictions for many years and tried several therapies that didn’t work. Seeing Jeremy changed my life from the first visit.” – Andrew.

How to Get Drinking Back Under control?

One of the biggest factors to focus on is breaking the habit of binge drinking. Our hypnosis allows you to gain control back over the drink rather than it have control over you. Hypnotherapy will cause cravings to lessen and more focus on positive aspects of yourself. We suggest that proper hydration and nutrition are part of a balanced lifestyle.

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If undertaking a treatment plan for alcohol reduction has been on your mind, then you are welcome to contact us for further discussion. At Inspire Hypnotherapy, we are here to help you achieve the positive change you’ve been looking for. Get started with us today by calling at 1300 089 099, or email to organise your free 30-minute consultation with Jeremy Walker.