The subconscious mind is in charge of automatic responses, such as; breathing, blinking and your body temperature. The subconscious is also responsible for unwanted anxiety, food cravings and addictions.

This is where hypnotherapy treatment is most beneficial. We help shift your automatic responses, meaning change happens without the use of will-power. An example of this is someone who quit smoking. Prior to hypnosis, they thought about cigarettes all the time. After a session the thought is diminished or simply not there. 

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Hypnosis is a relaxed, state of awareness. You are not asleep but focused on the sound of your Hypnotherapist’s voice. You are in control yet deeply relaxed. People report being more clear-minded and positive about achieving their goals after the session. 


Willpower and Hypnosis

Every day, people try to change habits using willpower. For example, many have dieted before however when motivation drops off it is hard to maintain. With hypnosis, you may ‘forget’ to crave sugar or are simply more satisfied with the healthy food you are eating.

The goal is not to restrict bad habits using willpower however to change FOCUS completely onto what makes you feel satisfied and content.

We help you get results with; addictions, weight loss, virtual gastric banding, sleep problems, quitting smoking and anxiety.


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