The subconscious mind is in charge of your automatic responses; like breathing, emotions, habits and addictions. These functions can be consciously controlled short term however the subconscious will quickly take back the reigns.

Hypnotherapy helps you make positive changes in your automatic responses. See our testimonials for client’s experience to this effect.

The aim of a hypnotherapy treatment is for your conscious mind and subconscious mind, to work together in harmony.


Willpower and Hypnosis

Every day millions of people try to change habits. They give up cigarettes cold turkey or with patches, though within 5-14 days most are smoking again. Many have dieted before however find it difficult when motivation lessens.

Using willpower to break habits is frustrating. Eventually motivation is lost and thus only short term results occur. Hypnotherapy supports you to make meaningful change, by getting your subconscious working for YOU.

We help people get results with; addictions, weight loss, virtual gastric banding, sleep problems, quitting smoking and anxiety. There are programs to help with relationship conflicts, performance issues and alcohol reduction.


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