Who are you? I am Jeremy Walker, the owner of Inspire Hypnotherapy in Brisbane QLD. I have been practicing Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatic Therapy and The Demartini Method at Chermside since 2010.

What services do you offer? You can view my full list of services here. https://inspirehypnotherapy.com/all-services

  • Breakthrough Coaching: For those who want to live at the highest level and leave their blocks and baggage behind them. A full day of coaching is $1,400.
  • Weight Loss Program/ Virtual Gastric Band: Get back your confidence, create a healthy relationship with food and lose weight, without all the effort. This weight loss program includes 4 one-to-one sessions. $395 and $795 options are available (depending on your goals).
  • Most Other Services: Appointments for anxiety, alcohol, sleep and other issues are designed for you to experience rapid results. Over 3 one-to-one sessions you will gain empowerment and confidence to ACHIEVE your goals. $595 all inclusive.
  • Quit Smoking: This quit smoking program comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means I work with you until you are totally satisfied with the result. The fee to quit smoking is $595 all inclusive. You will quit cigarettes.


What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy helps you to make change, without having to use willpower. You enter a state of ‘trance’, which is similar to the feeling of drifting off to sleep at night.

What is the Demartini Method®? The Demartini Method is a breakthrough process to facilitate transformation. You are asked a series of quality questions designed to balance emotion and negative thought patterns. This methodology is used worldwide for addictions, clearing resentments in relationships, infatuations and healing past grief and trauma.

I smoke A LOT of cigarettes, can you help me with that? Yes. Whether you smoke 5 cigarettes a day or 50-60 cigarettes a day, I have helped people who were smoking different amounts and from all walks of life. No matter what your situation is, a path back for you is possible.

How does hypnotherapy help me with weight loss? We help you address overeating, emotional eating and food cravings. This is done by creating a ‘healthy’ relationship with food. The goal of the hypnotherapy is feel full quickly and satisfied from smaller amounts of food. View the weight loss clinical trial here. https://inspirehypnotherapy.com/weight-loss-clinical-trial

Is there a long waiting list for bookings? We recommend securing an appointment sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Session times are Tuesday-Saturday, excluding public holidays.