Freedom From Addiction

Founded on what has worked for thousands of people, Jeremy Walker shares what it takes to gain freedom from addiction.

Why am I addicted? The answer might appear to be: addiction is a physical dependence. Or a series of chemical reactions in the brain. Or habitual patterns. Answers like these don’t begin to cover the most important thing, what it is that we need as human beings.

‘Freedom From Addiction’ reveals the hidden needs behind compulsions and addictions. Through in depth case studies, you will understand the reasons why addiction occurs and a path for a happy, healthy life.

Jeremy Walker’s WARP (Walker Addiction Removal Process) expands your awareness of thought patterns, emotions and triggers that lead to the addiction trap. Each chapter of this book will support you physically and mentally to achieve the success you truly desire.






Jeremy Walker is a Hypnotherapist and Psychosomatic Therapist. He owns Inspire Hypnotherapy and is located in Brisbane QLD. Confidential appointments are available for quitting smoking, weight loss, alcohol treatment and anxiety related issues. Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing others make a positive shift!