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I specialise in treating; quit smoking, addictions, weight loss (Virtual Gastric Banding), alcohol problems, sleep disorders & anxiety. I have specialist programs to help you with relationship conflicts, grief and other difficult emotions. I welcome a conversation with you today to address these issues. You will get results here.


Addictions Weight Loss
Quit Smoking Weight Control
Alcohol Reduction Virtual Gastric Band
Marijuana Overeating
Gambling Addiction Emotional Eating
Social Media Addiction Sugar Cravings


Sleep Problems Relationships
Insomnia Relationship Conflicts
Teeth Grinding Anger Problems
Slowing Down Your Busy Mind Resentments & Infatuation
Reduce Stress & Anxiety Loneliness & Loss
Stopping Negative Thoughts Relationships and Values


Mind Matters Coaching
Depression Peak Performance
Anxiety & Panic Attacks Goal Setting
Compulsive Habits Values & Lifestyle Coaching
Mental & Emotional Overwhelm Demartini Method
Grief & Loss Spiritual Guidance