“It is something I wanted to do, but felt I needed assistance to be successful. I now am a non-smoker!!!” Ian (Smoker of 54 years)

“After my quit smoking session I bought a $25,000 car. My repayments are the exact amount I used to spend on cigarettes. By quitting smoking I basically got a new for free.” Ash

“I am Happy to say that I have lost a total of 8.9 kilograms since the very first session 10 weeks ago. 90% of my food choices are healthy and it is impacting my life in a positive way.” Caitlin

“I have had great success with the clinic. It has been 5 years and my weight loss has stayed off. I would recommend this for anyone who has had trouble shifting those unwanted kilos.” Julie B

“Prior to starting on the Virtual Gastric Band process I felt uncomfortable with my weight and ability to move. After the consultation process, and having lost weight in a short space of time (11.1kg in under 5 weeks), I feel happier, healthier and more relaxed. I am making better choices with the food I eat. I’m feeling so much better.” Neal

“I have been trying to give up cigarettes and now feel that I have the ability to refuse them forever.” Daniel

“The hypnosis process was surprisingly rapid, allowing me to fully relax and easily take on the positive suggestions. I am a non-smoker and I will breathe fresh air for life!” Chris

“I am now a non-smoker. The process was relaxing & peaceful. I feel like I can walk outside and drive home without having a cigarette and that is amazing! Thank you.” Sarah

“I’ve lost 11kg in 3 months which is awesome. I’ve become more aware of what I put into my body and it is for reasons of nourishment, not for emotional eating.” Julie H

“Your tips have worked a treat, if my problems represented 100%, 75-80% of them have been solved with your advice. I am now sleeping earlier. My sleep is much less interrupted and as a result I am able to rise much earlier as well. Thank you so much.” Mike

“The suggestions were powerful, I was able to relax very deeply. I felt comfortable and Jeremy’s voice was strong and comforting. I know that I am now a non-smoker and all I want is fresh air and health. Thank you Jeremy.” Jackie