Useful Links

This page contains a list of great natural health and training organisations. And a list of individual practitioners and therapists located in Brisbane.


Australian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy

Better Health Victoria

Brain and Exercise Science

Domestic Violence Prevention For Men

Hypnotic World- Hypnosis Resources

Inspire Hypnotherapy

Kangen Water- Alkaline Water

Landmark Forum- Empowerment Programs

Men’s Wellbeing- Men’s Work

Natural Therapy Pages

Online Recipe Videos

SuperDads- Support For Dads

Tad James Company

Yoga Directory Australia


Individual Therapist and Practitioner Directory:

12 Rays of Light Healing- Arleen Hanks
0417 687 229

Acupuncture- Margi Macdonald

Earth Spirit Pathways- Petah-Jane

Ayurvedic Medicine- Jo Formosa

Biomagnetism Treatment- Lisa Brough
0407 755 964

Demartini Method Facilitator- Jeremy Walker
0448 284 724

DoTerra Aromatherapy- Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall

Drug and Alcohol Repair- Jost Sauer

Hypnotherapy- Jeremy Walker

Intuitive Healer and Coach- Douglas Peacock
0423 442 073

Musculoskeletal Therapy- Emily Nielson

Naturopath/ Fertility- Christine Sullivan

Pain Relief- Scarborough Physio and Health

Personal Trainer- Jarrod L’Estrange
0400 792 594

Pranic Healing- Penny Solorzano
0413 366 501

Qigong Classes- Julia Chai
0412 362 338

Reconnective Healing- Nicole Rhodes
0413 914 379

Regression Hypnotherapy- Julia Chai

Sex and Intimacy Coach- Pauline Ryeland

Shamanic Shakti- Sherridan Boyle

Swedish Massage- Penny Solorzano
0413 366 501

Weight Loss/ Virtual Gastric Banding

Whole Food Self Care- Don Tolman

Whole Food Self Care- Tyler Tolman

Yoga Chi Gung- Grant Woolven
07 3366 8995


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