Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Is it Time to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis at Our Chermside Clinic?

Do you struggle with breathing issues or a persistent cough? Are you sick of quitting only to relapse 3 months later? Do you have low energy or feel physically unfit? Wouldn’t it be nice to quit smoking forever?

At Inspire Hypnotherapy we offer a lifetime guarantee! This means, you get unlimited support until you are happy with the result. Quit in 1 session or we work with you for free, until you do. Most quit smoking the first time however if you need any help at all, backup support is provided.

Why People Can’t Stop Smoking

Everyone knows cigarettes affect health outcomes and longevity. Why is it so hard to give them up? And what does it take to finally be free of them?

  • Many find difficulty in quitting due to cravings and withdrawal.
  • Some have friends or family who smoke.
  • Often stress and boredom are a factor.
  • Others are concerned about weight gain.


“The hypnosis process was surprisingly rapid, allowing me to fully relax and easily take on the positive suggestions. I am a non-smoker and I will breathe fresh air for life!” – Chris.

Do You Live in Brisbane? Then Quit Smoking with Inspire Hypnotherapy

Currently if you smoke 10 tailor made cigarettes a day, that’s $4,500 per year. Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs $9,000 annually. Why not invest the money you normally spend on cigarettes, to stop smoking once and for all? As we’re located in Chermside, people in Toombul, Caboolture, Stafford and around Brisbane can quit smoking using hypnosis.

What if I’m anxious about quitting smoking? That’s exactly why support is necessary. Making an appointment means you are taking control. Rather than avoiding problems you are working on self-mastery. Book Today, to take back control!

This clinic is located at Chermside, Brisbane, QLD. Phone 1300 089 099 to book a quit smoking consultation.