Weight Loss Clinical Trial

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Inspire Hypnotherapy has conducted a weight loss clinical trial for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. We have assisted women and men who wanted to lose weight. This was performed by Jeremy Walker, at Inspire Hypnotherapy’s office in Wavell Heights QLD.

The weight loss clinical trial was conducted over a 3 month period, measuring results after 4 weeks and 3 months. The process involves; hypnotherapy, coaching, online resources, nutritional information and ongoing support. Participants experience feeling full from less food and feeling more satisfied.



When viewing this table on a mobile phone, turn the screen side-on to view properly. We had 12 participants complete the weight loss program for this trial. The 4 week and 3 month results are below.

Weight Loss TrialResults After 4 WeeksResults After 3 Months
Best 2 Results9.7kg and 5.7kg11kg and 6.7kg
Average weight loss3.2kg average weight loss5kg average weight loss
BMI Reduction1.3 average reduction2.1 average reduction



Participants reported other significant results.

      1. Feelings of well-being.
      2. Not feeling bloated.
      3. Less occurrence of reflux.
      4. Reductions in sugar cravings.
      5. Drinking more water.
      6. Increased motivation.
      7. Increased confidence.
      8. Relaxed with their food choices.
      9. Not worrying about food choices.
      10. Many say they will not diet again, they will just eat healthy now.



Excluded from the results of the weight loss clinical trial was a participant who had developed a Thyroid problem, that had caused them to gain weight (they are seeking treatment for this). Another participant was in hospital for an extended period and wasn’t contactable to submit results. 



The ‘actual’ Gastric Band is a surgical procedure designed to help people lose weight. This method of weight loss has well documented risks and downsides, including; infection, slipping bands and a long recovery time. These downsides are all avoided with the gastric band by hypnotherapy.

This clinical trial used the Virtual Gastric Band program to help participants lose weight successfully. The weight loss on average was just under 1/2kg per week, which is considered safe by most medical professionals. Weight loss by hypnotherapy helps you gain a healthy relationship with food and eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods.



Inspire Hypnotherapy accepts new clients who are motivated to get weight loss results. You can book a free 30 minute info session, to discuss your goals and the process. If you are a journalist looking to interview us about weight loss by hypnotherapy, please do get in touch.