The Trap Of Smoking

Over 1000 Brisbane residents quit smoking by changing the way they think, via Hypnotherapy.

On the quit cigarettes journey, most have quit for 1 week or longer, many for months or years.

I asked every one of these people, “you’ve quit before, what caused you to take it up again?”

NOTE: This is not the politically correct edit. This is what people revealed.

  • A big stress happened and I needed to relax. I thought I could just have one.”
  • I felt depressed without it, like I was missing something.”
  • My partner/friends smoke and it was awkward feeling left out.”
  • I love smoking, I enjoy them.”
  • I was getting so angry with people, I needed to calm down.”

What do these answers tell us about smoking again after quitting? People want to feel better!

1. They want to experience a positive emotion.
2. They want release from difficult emotions.

Here is why smoking cigarettes is a trap… If you smoke to change emotions, then you become dependent on cigarettes to feel good. You are depending on a substance that damages health and income, to deal with emotions.

Hypnotherapy makes the process simple. Rather than giving in to thoughts of smoking, a person might focus on their need for relaxation. If a person is stressed, they no longer reach for a cigarette, instead they choose self-care or keep busy, by being productive.

It is hard. That’s why strategies are needed to deal with stress, anxiety & depression properly, and in ways that aren’t harmful. Don’t let a dependence determine your level of well-being.

I recognise that I may not be Everybody’s Hypnotherapist however for those just sick of smoking and feel like its the right time, I welcome helping you get results.


Jeremy Walker’s background is in Hypnotherapy. He created the WARP (Walker Addiction Removal Process) and is located in Brisbane QLD. Confidential appointments are available for quitting smoking, weight loss and anxiety related issues. Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing others make a positive shift!