The Trap Of Smoking

Over 1000 Brisbane residents quit smoking by changing the way they think, via Hypnotherapy.

On the quit cigarettes journey, most have quit for 1 week or longer, many for months or years.

I asked every one of these people, “so you’ve quit before, what caused you to take it up again?”

NOTE: This is not the politically correct edit. This is what people said.

  • A big stress happened and I needed to relax. I thought I could just have one.”
  • I felt depressed without it, like I was missing something.”
  • My partner/friends smoke and I didn’t want to be left out.”
  • I love smoking, I enjoy them.”
  • I was getting so angry with people, I needed to calm down.”

What do these answers tell us about smoking again after quitting? People have a need to feel better.

1. They want to experience a positive emotion.
2. They want relief from difficult emotions.

Here is why smoking cigarettes is a trap… If you smoke to change emotions, then you become dependent on cigarettes to feel good. You are depending on a substance that damages your health and income, to deal with emotions.

To become a non-smoker you will need strategies to deal with stress, anxiety & depression in ways that aren’t harmful! A long-term strategy ‘for feeling better’ must include things that are good for you. Don’t let a dependence determine your emotional well-being.

At Inspire Hypnotherapy we help you master the urges of smoking and find new habits that are empowering and healthy. Book a free 30 minute session to discover how to quit smoking with ease.

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