37 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

It is my mission to help you live free from addiction, anxiety and depression. The people I work with are achieving extraordinary results and I want you to too! These power-packed ideas, are designed to help bring your body and mind back into balance.

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The 37 Proven Ways To Reduce Anxiety

1) Set an intention every day. Each morning set an intention that will direct your mind where you want it to go. Some examples: “My intention today is to focus on serving others.” “My intention today is to focus on peace.”

2) Be grateful. Each evening before sleep, write down 5 things you are truly grateful for. Write down your blessings and the things that moved you. You will train your mind to be grateful, even in difficult circumstances.

3) Share your anxiety. The anxiety that is hidden is the worst. The fear of anyone finding out you have anxiety, increases it. Be the BOSS of your anxiety, by telling people about it… then it loses its power over you.

4) Be prepared. If you have driving anxiety for example, take care of the needs you have. Be relaxed before you drive. Plan your route so you don’t get lost. Take care of anything else you need, before you get in the car.

5) Getting grounded. Spend time every day getting your energy grounded. This is for you if you have a busy mind and sleep problems. Walk barefoot on the grass. Exercise in nature. Ppend some time in your garden.

6) Visit a beach or rainforest. These places in nature, produce something called negative ions, that reduce your stress and actually make you happier. This is one of the many reasons you feel so good there.

7) Achieve a balance of Yin and Yang (Being and Doing). If you’ve been taking a lot of action lately, be still and rest more… If you’ve been really well rested and going with the flow lately, take more action and get busy.

8) Use this breathing technique to find balance. Breathe in for 3 secs, hold for 3 secs, breathe out for 3 secs, pause for 3 secs. Repeat. After 10 minutes of doing this, you won’t be able to feel any negative emotion!

9) Practise regular meditation. By learning to be still, your body will learn to be calmer in general. If you are a busy person, learning to pause can be hugely beneficial.

10) Do regular Tai Chi, Qigong, or Yoga. These ancient mind/body practises calm your mind and give energy back to your body. After doing 10 weeks with a very good teacher, I went a month with no anxiety at all.

11) Don’t skip breakfast. Around 80% of people who have regular anxiety, high stress, or sleep problems, are breakfast skippers. Eat 3-5 healthy meals per day and always make sure breakfast is one of them.

12) Self love. If you were to ask your body, if it feels loved by you, what would it say? Treat your body like you would a child you love. Give yourself compliments, respect it, give it enough rest.

13) Listen to your thoughts. When you resist anxiety it tends to come back stronger. Pay attention to the content of your thoughts. Anxiety may be trying to teach you, or bring something important to your attention.

14) Express your emotions. What we repress inside (don’t express), tends to stick around. Find a way to let your emotions out. You could talk to someone, cry your eyes out, write it down, or express through art.

15) Acceptance. Learn to be okay, with not always being okay. Although we aim to be calm, confident and successful, be okay when you’re not. Let go of the pressure to always be perfect.

16) Focus on solutions. Stress is focusing on the problem, relaxation is working on solutions. It really does feel good to put your energy into improving your life. You’ll beat procrastination and self-sabotage in the process.

17) Deal with your problems. Anxiety is letting you know there is something that needs your attention. If you are anxious about your relationship, for example, the anxiety may be telling you to have a conversation with them.

18) Deal with your problems 2. If you’re anxious about money, work on money, If you’re anxious about your relationship, work on your relationship. Solving the problem directly can instantly take away your specific stress.

19) Have fun. Many of us are working on serious stuff almost all the time. When was the last time you had fun? Make an appointment in your diary to do something outrageous, silly, or fun this week!

20) Sing, clap and skip. This is for those of you who like to have fun. Sing your favourite song, while skipping and clapping your hands for 2 minutes. Do this now… Go on, don’t be so serious.

21) Make a big life change. This is for you if you’ve had anxiety for a long time. Is this telling you to change something? Change your work/life balance? Create a more relaxing lifestyle? Take care of yourself properly?

22) Make a small life change. This is for you if there are a few little things that make you anxious. Maybe it’s getting up 10 minutes earlier so you don’t rush, or turning off your phone at night, so you sleep better.

23) Stop trying to control life. Anxiety is almost always characterised by trying to control people, or some part of your life. Develop the ability to let go of the attachments you have to results. Your best effort is enough!!

24) Preparing for challenges. People with anxiety have a fantasy that life is supposed to always go well. Preparing for the difficulty you face, can relieve anxiety. You increase your resilience when you are prepared.

25) Turn worry into love. If you’re always worried about members of your family, spend that energy loving them instead. Literally drop the worry and focus on loving them with your full presence.

26) Remove yourself from the anxiety. We chatted before about solving problems, but if there is something that just makes you so anxious, consider removing yourself from that situation entirely. Don’t be there.

27) Be curious about your anxiety. Take an interested approach. Rather than being resistant to anxiety, ask, “why am I feeling this way today? I wonder how long it will be here for? What can this anxiety teach me?”

28) Learn to be comfortable with yourself. You are not a loser, or undesirable, if you enjoy time alone. Your self worth is not dependent on always being in a relationship, or having hundreds of friends.

29) Knowing your boundaries. When you know something is not right for you, respect yourself enough to say no. You’ll either put someone else’s needs, or your own needs first. Ideally you can find a win for you and them!

30) Use Power Questions to make a good situation great and a difficult situation better. There has never been a time when one of these questions has not given me a learning, more gratitude, or an action to take.

31) i. What is great about this?
32) ii. What new opportunities do I have now?
33) iii. What am I grateful for right now?
34) iv. Am I focused on problems or solutions?
35) v. What would love do now?

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37) Apply this information today. Things will change when you prepare for anxiety better and address any issues of concern you have. Try out the 5 that most apply to your life and get in touch if you need further assistance.


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