Confidence Over Fear

Fear is an assessment of risk, which means the mind weighs up how likely negative consequences will occur. During the Coronavirus outbreak there are significant impacts on employment, finances, health and the ability to purchase basic supplies.

In order to gain confidence over fear, seek to reduce the negative consequences by being well prepared. When the plan is good enough, fear will be less.


To achieve confidence over fear you can follow these 4 steps

1) Determine what your fear is about (Everyone’s will be different).
2) Seek more knowledge and possible solutions.
3) Take action based on knowledge.
4) Make self care a daily habit.

Note: Use a piece of paper to write your plan because when you do, it’s easier to manage.


Step 1) Write down what your worries are

  • Loss of employment?
  • Missing income?
  • Getting sick?
  • Worry about health of loved ones?
  • Not able to buy food supplies?
  • Other?


Step 2) Seek reliable, useful knowledge

Gather information from quality sources. Follow useful agencies on social media because this will lead to solutions. I discovered how to access government payments, get rebates on bills and saved hours of time, by using social media.

  • Your local city council page.
  • Government sites.
  • Centrelink Facebook page.
  • Health groups.
  • Jobseeker sites.


Step 3 Take action with confidence

For finances, create a budget for the next 4 months, work from home (where possible), ask for help, receive Centrelink payments, contact companies about deferring loan repayments and bills. After things settle down, set aside 3 months worth of living expenses for future emergencies.

For the risk of getting sick, don’t associate with anyone who has been overseas, adhere to physical distancing recommendations and in particular limit visits to those who are elderly. Look after yourself and each other.

Being able to purchase supplies has been difficult for many. I have adjusted my diet due to some foods being unavailable, being vegetarian helps. I have visited local fruit & vege stores and an Asian grocery, which still had over 100kg of rice in stock. Have a plan A, B and C in place.


Don’t catch extra fear from the media about Coronavirus. Manage your actual risk factors related to health, finances, food and family. Take any other action needed for your unique situation.


Step 4) Self care

Manage your stress and boost immunity with the ‘7 Cornerstones of Amazing Health.’

  1. Breathe deeply for 20 minutes per day.
  2. Drink 2-3L of water each day.
  3. Choose real food and avoid boredom eating during the lockdown.
  4. Keep the body moving/exercise.
  5. Being still. Enjoy the extra rest!
  6. Positive self talk (Limit news watching to an hour a day. Stay informed but don’t go overboard).
  7. Purpose and Passion (I will still be focusing on business, mastery, relationships and nature during this time)! Keep doing what you love.


Jeremy Walker’s background is in Hypnotherapy. He created the WARP (Walker Addiction Removal Process) and is located in Brisbane QLD. Confidential appointments are available for quitting smoking, weight loss and anxiety related issues. Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing others make a positive shift!