The Purpose Of Thought

What is the purpose of thought? Where do thoughts come from? Most of the time, we don’t ‘manually’ select the thoughts we think. We don’t think about the song that plays in our head before it does, or decide to get angry before we feel it, for example. 

Positive and negative thoughts come into awareness for a reason. Some thoughts are accompanied with emotions (which add painful and pleasurable feelings to get your attention). Thoughts come into your awareness, so you can take action on the thought presented to you. Here is an example of mine.

When I had negative thoughts and anxiety about money in February 2017, I was being prompted to take action. I was $10,000 down and needed to fix this. When I thought about how I didn’t have enough money, I was stressed. When I wasn’t doing anything about it, I was stressed.

When I worked on a plan to earn back the missing money, stress and negative thoughts immediately left me. By working on the problem for 1 hour, I was able to make up 80% of the money, with a new business idea. Once I had a solution for my problem, there was no need for the stress to be there!

Consider these 2 questions carefully. The thing you have the most stress about right now, are you focusing on problems or solutions? If you solved the problem, where would the stress be?

By listening to thoughts they become quieter. When we solve the problems behind the negative thoughts, they will disappear completely.

Want to get rid of negative thoughts? Pay attention to them.

Your body is a feedback mechanism, letting you know that something needs care and attention. Here is another example.

You are living with family and are having regular arguments and conflicts. You feel restricted, frustrated and tense. These feelings have turned into anxiety about going home and depression, when you are at home.

It is not useful to blame the emotions. You can see them as a guide, to let you know something is out of balance. Is there an important conversation to have about boundaries? Might there be something unsaid, that needs to be spoken?

I used to attend a meditation class, when I was stressed and anxious about my own relationship. Within 5 minutes of being home the stress was back. Relaxation doesn’t work, if there are issues not being dealt with. The stress was letting me know to deal with my issues.

Some people wish the STRESS would go away, but don’t work on the ISSUES behind the stress. This is a crucial distinction to discover. Have you been focused on wishing you felt better, rather than doing what needs to be done to feel better?

In summation, the purpose of thought is to bring your attention to something important. It is letting you know, what is working (positive) and what is not working (negative).

If you have difficulty finding peace with your emotions, don’t suffer in silence. A healthy, positive mindset is possible, with the right support in place. Book in for a free 30 minute session and we’ll create a plan for you to move forward with confidence.

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