How To Get Healthy


Have you wondered about how to get healthy? Tried everything, yet are still missing vitality? I have spoken with 2,000 people at my clinic about their lifestyles and went through my own challenges, including; chronic fatigue, digestion problems, anxiety and addiction. 

I have discovered after studying; health, healing and behaviour for the past 15 years, what it takes to get healthy. There are 7 key life ingredients that optimise a chance for well-being.

The 7 Cornerstones Of Amazing Health provide what the body and mind needs to thrive. They are ‘amazing’ because there are no downsides to using them, they are free and work for everyone! 

1. Breathing Deeply The most vital ingredient for health is oxygen. It makes sense that the thing we do the most everyday offers an opportunity for change. Deep, slow, full breaths bring us presence in the moment. There is no power in the past or the future. Deep breathing has the capacity to center us. Where oxygen goes, energy and healing flows.

2. Drinking Water Water is the second most important nutrient to our body after oxygen. Keeping hydrated means more oxygen can be carried around through our circulation system, positively impacting the brain and vital organs. We think clearer and heal quicker from illness when hydrated. It is tempting to seek the quick energy of sugar and coffee however long term these dissipate stable energy patterns?

3. Real Food It is well known that poor food quality impacts our health, there is also a significant impact on both emotions and hormones. We may be experiencing significant amounts of stress in our lives, based on the quality of food. Our digestive system is intimately linked with our emotions and hormones, including our sleep hormones. To tell determine if you’re eating ‘real food’, note how many ingredients it has. Real foods have just one ingredient and usually don’t come in a packet.

4. Exercise Regularly A primary benefit of exercise is that when your heart works harder during a workout, it means you will have a lower resting heart rate. The heart actually absorbs oxygen to feed itself in between beats, so a lower heart rate means more oxygenated blood to pump around the major organs, including the brain. More oxygen is good for every system in your body. Regular exercise eventually enlarges the arteries, avoiding blockages that could lead to heart problems and stroke.

5. Being Still Resting the body and mind is a form of honouring your self. It could include; being in nature, reading, meditation and time to self-nurture. For those who are busy and experience mental overwhelm, being still will be your balancing tool. Those who are more sedentary right now, taking action and exercise will be your balancing tool. The body needs both movement and rest to function at it’s peak.

*Working on weight loss right now? Relaxation helps you because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is also known as the ‘rest and digest’ nervous system. You don’t lose weight during the workout but by relaxing and sleeping well afterwards. Follow ‘The 7 Cornerstones Amazing of Health’ and have at least one 30 minute rest period each day.

6. Self Talk I was chatting with a good friend recently, who practices a regular gratitude ritual. This is something that helps him become present and appreciate blessings in life. Knowing that he will be writing down things to be grateful for each week, he is already planning things for the future to be grateful for. This is the power of positive rituals. He is creating the future he wants, with gratitude in the present. Read this twice.

7. Purpose Your purpose is the thing you love the most. It is clearer when you retire the opinions of others, over your own thoughts (you are the highest authority in your life). Sometimes a purpose is what you resisted for a long time and then it revealed its secrets to you. It does not matter what your purpose is, it only matters how you feel about it. If it does not inspire you, that’s not your purpose. To determine whether any decision is aligned with my purpose I will often ask, “does this option feel like joy, truth and in flow”? “Or does it feel like tension and resistance”?

In Chinese philosophy it is said, “the way you spend the first hour of your day, is the way you spend your whole life”. Success leaves clues. If you’re wondering how to get healthy, this is it. You can spend every morning doing any combination of the following, to increase your health and energy: Deep breathing, lemon in water, walking, yoga, stretching, meditation, a gratitude ritual and setting a daily intention.

Every fad in the world is a distraction from; Breath, Water, Real food, Exercise, Meditation, Gratitude and Doing what you want!


Jeremy Walker’s background is in Hypnotherapy. He created the WARP (Walker Addiction Removal Process) and is located in Brisbane QLD. Confidential appointments are available for quitting smoking, weight loss and anxiety related issues. Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing others make a positive shift!