Stopping Stress & Getting Grounded

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Stopping Stress & Getting Grounded:

I will share with you some effective things to reduce stress in the moment and over the long term. Because we are all different, some things will work better for your situation. It can take a holistic approach.

This first method to deal with stress is deceptively simple. It is to just move ourselves away from the source of the stress. Do I really have to spend that with this person? Am I really in the right job? Moving away from stress or dealing with the issue directly, is the ideal scenario.

Ongoing stressful events mean it isn’t always possible to get away from the source, so we have to find ways to get relief. We have 3 different energy zones we can find ourselves in on a daily basis; our mental, emotional and physical zone.

Mental zone – which is thinking, problem solving.

Emotional zone – experiencing our feelings.

Physical zone  – grounded, in the body.


Being grounded in your body reduces stress, because It gets you out of your thinking and emotional zones. When doing something vigorous in the body, you are not thinking about problems. Activities like being immersed in the ocean or exercising, calm the mind. 

Getting grounded involves physically moving your body into an activity. I have included below some of the most effective ways to get grounded fast. Find below, are great ways to get back in the body:

  • All forms of physical exercise ground us in the body.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Walking barefoot on the grass.
  • Skipping or dancing (highly recommended). 
  • Eating root vegetables; zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, onions, pumpkin. (Our diet is linked to our emotions; eating real foods can be up to 50% of the work needed to reduce stress. The above vegetables have a grounding effect on the system).
  • Spending time with a pet.
  • Cleaning and organising is grounding.


Exercising and spending time in nature helps us to process thoughts and emotions. How good does your head-space feel after spending time in these activities? We don’t need addictive habits any more.

All the people I help with smoking cigarettes, binge eating or alcohol problems, are looking for something. Many of these people are busy Mums, teachers, hard workers or carers, there is lots of giving to others and maybe not so much, giving to themselves. The unhealthy habits kick in when they get those few precious moments to themselves. Finally a time out to just pause and rest.

I propose that at times of stress we’re not looking for a cigarette or something to binge on, however we are looking for grounding. We are seeking for a way out of our head and emotions. In fact, if the stress is really high, shouldn’t we look after ourselves even more! At times like; divorce, moving house or relationship problems, this is the time to be as healthy as possible.

I know when things are going wrong for me I return to the basics. In fact, when I’ve had a really bad day, the basics are all I do:

1. I’ll stop take 15 deep breaths.

2. Drink a full glass of water.

3. Eat the best possible food.

4. Do some physical exercise (grounding).

5. Listen to some music or meditate.


Does this get rid of the problem? No. Does this change my mood and help me process emotions without the need of other substances? Yes. When these 5 steps are examined closely, there is a great power behind each one of them. 

I’ve been using these for more than 5 years. They are what the body is really needing, they are natural, they are free and they have no downsides! In closing, remember to nurture yourself a little once per day and a lot once per week, by getting grounded more often.


Jeremy Walker works as a Hypnotherapist and Demartini Method Facilitator in Brisbane QLD. He enjoys nothing better than seeing someone gain self-mastery in their life. Jeremy focuses on helping people with; quitting smoking, weight loss, sleep problems and psychosomatic health.