Inspiration Statement


“My mission on Planet Earth is to fulfill my soul’s highest mission as a loving, dedicated teacher in mind/body health and transformational therapy.

To use my natural gifts in healing and human behaviour to transform 20,000 lives. To use one-to-one consultations, small groups and online programs to help people gain a greater sense of balance, strength and empowerment. To help people free their mind of inner conflicts and emotional baggage through awareness of their human nature, problem solving and structure.

To experience a profound acceptance of my whole self. To experience tingles in my being from the beauty, gratitude and love of this world.

And finally to be in awe of the essence of God, knowing that others have grown because I was here.”


This is my Statement of Inspiration which captures what I want to experience and the impact I want to have on Planet Earth. Emily Gowor is the creator and facilitator of the ‘Inspiration Formula’. To create your own powerful Statement of Inspiration visit her website.