Welcome to Inspire Hypnotherapy

Inspire Hypnotherapy is located in Chermside QLD and has been assisting people since 2010. Support is available for; addictions, quit smoking, weight loss, sleep problems, stress and anxiety. I have specialist programs to help you resolve relationship conflicts, deal with difficult emotions and alcohol reduction. I welcome a conversation with you to help you transform these problems into a success. You will get results here.

Quit Smoking

Inspire Hypnotherapy has helped over 500 smokers in Brisbane to quit successfully. The intention of this service is for you to able to walk out of your appointment and never smoke again! You will receive techniques to remove cravings, to increase your overall health, to manage stress and to avoid possible weight gain. You will quit smoking. To see how you can quit smoking click here: http://inspirehypnotherapy.com/quit-smoking-hypnotherapy

Weight Loss

In 2015 Inspire Hypnotherapy performed a weight loss clinical trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. We measured the results of participants, after 4 weeks and after 3 months. The total weight loss and reduction of BMI scores were very positive! Hypnotherapy can help you form a positive relationship with food and lose weight. To see how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, and to see the full results of this trial click here: http://inspirehypnotherapy.com/weight-loss-clinical-trial