Gastric Band Hypnosis


You Can Lose Weight With Gastric Band Hypnosis

The Virtual Gastric Band has been in Australia since 2011. It is a popular hypnosis treatment, designed to change your eating habits and help you lose weight. This process was originally created by Sheila Granger from the UK, to assist in weight loss, safely and naturally.  

The Virtual Gastric Band: Gastric Band surgery is costly and risky, these downsides are all avoided with the Virtual Gastric Band by hypnosis. The intention of the program is to ‘feel full’ from smaller meals, which means avoiding overeating. Weight loss becomes an easier process because you won’t feel like you are missing or lacking anything.

What To Expect: This program is performed weekly over 4 sessions. Your first appointment will be around 75 minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting 60 minutes. You will gain a healthier relationship with food and stop overeating. All sessions are tailored for your individual needs.

Weight Loss Results: Inspire Hypnotherapy conducted a weight loss clinical trial showing expected results of Gastric Band Hypnosis. Typical results show an average weight loss of 1kg after the first appointment and just under 500g each week, thereafter.

What Is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, very similar to when you are half-way asleep. Many people report hypnosis to be relaxing and energising. In hypnosis, you are capable of making rapid changes

Inspire Hypnotherapy is located at Chermside, QLD.

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Jeremy Walker’s background is in Hypnotherapy. He created the WARP (Walker Addiction Removal Process) and is located in Brisbane QLD. Confidential appointments are available for quitting smoking, weight loss and anxiety related issues. Jeremy enjoys nothing more than seeing others make a positive shift!



“I am Happy to say that I have lost a total of 8.9 kilograms since the very first session 10 weeks ago. 90% of my food choices are healthy and it is impacting my life in a positive way”. Caitlin J

“Prior to starting on the Virtual Gastric Band process I felt uncomfortable with my weight and ability to move. After the consultation process, and having lost weight in a short space of time (11.1kg in under 5 weeks), I feel happier, healthier and more relaxed. I am making better choices with the food I eat”. Neal S

“I’ve lost 11kg in 3 months which is awesome. I have become more aware of what I put into my body and it is for reasons of nourishment, not for emotional eating”. Julie H