Mindfulness is a practice of being fully present with oneself. It includes paying attention to your breathing, thought processes and body.

Mindfulness is an effective tool for anxiety reduction because it stops our thoughts from spiralling out of control. When being mindful, we can intervene by thinking more realistically, use affirmations to reassure that we “are okay” and problem solving.

Observing Thoughts

In an anxiety state, we resist what is true and focus on the worst. Simple observation of thoughts is useful instead. With a watchful strategy we don’t try to change our thinking yet, this allows us space to cam down and learn about our thought patterns. After a short time, you might ask a reflective question.

  • What do I know for sure is true?
  • What higher message is my mind teaching me?
  • Is self-love needed now?

Pushing away difficult feelings could actually make our anxiety worse. Ideally, we are mindful of anxiety, which prevents the intensity from escalating. Acceptance and non-resistance are excellent ways to interact with our mind, which can shorten an anxious episode.

Think about acceptance this way. By not putting fuel on the fire, it stops burning much quicker.

Imaginations and exaggerations make matters much worse than they are, fuelling worry. I focus wholly on ‘what is true.’ A preferred tactic of mine is to observe thoughts and find a healing perspective. Anxiety exaggerates the present moment, so I train myself to be realistic. By thinking about what is real, the situation becomes manageable.

Better Thinking and Breathing

Alongside a healing thought process you might like to relax your breathing. Steady your inhale and exhale. Let your chest muscles and abdomen relax over a few minutes. Realistic thoughts AND calmer breathing, allow anxious and angry episodes to shorten.

Mindfulness has many applications and we have only scratched the surface here in this article. Using mindfulness as part of your daily ritual, can reverse some mindset issues and help you better manage other, more complex anxieties.

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“The smallest changes really can make a big difference.”