Smoking Triggers

There is one thing that quit cigarettes medications do not help with. Dealing with your smoking triggers.

These are the most common triggers that thousands of clients revealed in their Quit Cigarettes appointment. The reason we smoke give clues to our deeper needs as human beings. We need relief from stress and to belong with people.

  1. Have you used cigarettes as a stress reliever?
  2. Did you start again after meeting a partner who smokes?
  3. Did the habit increase when drinking and socialising?
  4. Have you used them to break away from people (or the kids)?


Over the years, cigarettes becomes the go to habit for ‘relaxation’ and getting ‘me time.’ This is problematic because smoking also causes stress in the main areas of life: Financially, self-image, family, socially, physical health, as well as mental health.

If it was all about the nicotine, most smokers would have already quit using nicotine patches and gum. These methods don’t help with the psychology of quitting smoking. Smoking was due to habitual, emotional and psychological triggers.

At Inspire Hypnotherapy, we ask what you truly want, and discuss alternative strategies to satisfy social and relaxation needs. Empowerment is not being stuck on an addiction but choosing a healthy way to destress and feel good about yourself around people.

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