Smoking Triggers

There is one thing that quit cigarettes medications do not help with. Dealing with your smoking triggers.

  1. Have you smoked to pass the time?
  2. Are cigarettes being used as a stress reliever?
  3. Do you pick them up when socialising or drinking?
  4. Have you used them to break away from people (or the kids)?

These are the smoking triggers 1,500 clients revealed in their appointment. Smoking was due to habitual and psychological triggers.

At Inspire Hypnotherapy, we ask what you want, what is getting in the way, and discuss alternative strategies. Rather than the mind looking for a cigarette, you either don’t think about it or use 1 of the positive/healthy strategies.

After the hypnosis appointment you ‘could’ have a cigarette but you have better options now. Empowerment is not being stuck on an addiction but choosing a healthy way to destress and feel good about yourself.

For more information about quitting smoking or to book an appointment, contact us here. Get a free 30 minute intro session available by phone or in person.