Facebook Addiction

Facebook is a unique addiction. Facebook, like food, is not something that is usually quit. Moderation for many will make up freedom from this addictive activity. 

Facebook is part of our lives. It is used for family connection, business promotion, wealth building, education, dating, to reduce anxiety while waiting and ‘mindless scrolling’ of content.

Drug use can be ceased completely whereas Facebook is probably going to remain part of daily life for the time being. As Facebook is genuinely useful, quitting completely is unlikely.

Why moderate use at all? Facebook is not bad, is it?


Overuse of any behaviour has the potential to cause problems in health, sleep, relationships, productivity, finances and anxiety.

Facebook vs Sleep


If you put Facebook and sleep in a room together, there will only be one winner. Scrolling content on your device is not conducive for sleeping well or inspiring love making with your partner for that matter!

When treating sleep issues, the focus is on training your body to rest in the evening. If you’ve got your phone in the bed, virtually all positive sleep techniques are negated.

Even if you are getting a solid 8 hours presently, be aware that over time sleep issues could arise.

The cessation of phone use at night is so important, that if not done, virtually all positive sleep techniques are voided.

Do you want to sleep well, lose weight, reduce anxiety and increase energy? Press the ‘data off button’, put your phone on silent and keep it out of arms reach.

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3 Recommendations To Moderate Facebook Addiction


1. Make a list of what you get out of using Facebook. There will likely be between 6-12 reasons for using it.

Monitor yourself over 24 hours. Write down why you are on social media each time you open the app. When you acknowledge the reasons for your action, you can be more purposeful.

2. Schedule times for Facebook use. A functional plan will include times when you use it and times when you don’t:

6am-8am: Breakfast, water, walking, no Facebook use.

8am-5pm: Facebook used for a purpose, use only on work breaks.

5pm-8pm: Family time, connecting with people or spirituality, no Facebook use.

8pm-9pm: Facebook use for a purpose, log out of your account, cease completely at 9pm.

9pm-10pm: Tidy your sleep area, write a to-do list for tomorrow, avoid stimulation from LED lights and screens.

10pm-6am: Practice good sleep hygiene, sleep.

Some of these steps may seem irrelevant or challenging. They aren’t. Adjust the details and times on this schedule to suit your lifestyle.

Social media apps prompt you with flashing lights, numbers, sounds and images on your device. One of these little notifications waking you, can mean a broken sleep.

Turn off the data and wifi connection at night.

3. It is NOT wise for Facebook to be your only source of stress/boredom relief during the day. For many, relaxation can be obtained via: nature, gardening, meditation, reading, walking the dog or having fun.

Having multiple ways to meet your relaxation needs gives you flexibility. Those who choose addiction can become rigid and dependent.

A measure to tell if you have Facebook Addiction is that you feel lost and anxious when not using it.

Facebook is a tool that is neither good or bad. Make sure it is serving you and you are not serving it.


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