This is written for you, if you have compulsions or addictions. A person now has to grow up and avoid 25 different types of common addictions. These can range from drugs, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, sugar, sex addictions, phone addictions, online gaming addictions, shopping addictions and more.

Often people to fall into these behaviours for months at a time, because they are so available. It is common for people to stay addicted to these behaviours and experience long-term problems. The difference between addictions and just really liking something, is the ability to walk away.

The high, pleasure, connection, freedom or control addiction provides, makes it very difficult to say “no.” Some people experience an craving as a persistent thought, or urges in the body.

We all enjoy feeling good. We like to feel pleasure and escape painful emotions. Drugs and most addictions achieve this very easily. The goal then, of any addiction treatment must include ways to keep feeling good and ways to deal with difficult emotions.

Virtually every type of addiction activates the dopamine center of the brain. This releases ‘happy chemicals’ in the body. These get activated beyond normal levels causing an explosion of feeling good. Your cells wanting more of this feeling, activate electrical signals in your brain, which you call a craving.

– A shopping addict inside that luxury shop, may find the whole world disappears and they feel really special.

– A cigarette smoker may find that smoking is the only excuse to leave their desk at work, or difficult kids at home. This gives them a few precious minutes to breathe and escape.

– A mobile phone user may feel validated getting many followers on social media. This too can be addictive.

– A cocaine user may feel God-like or invincible. They may feel like they are limitless and can do super-human activities.

In each of these cases, getting the positive intention of the addiction met from another source, makes a big difference. You want to support yourself mentally and physically. You want to deal with your issues directly, because using addiction for escape only perpetuates the problem.

Solving problems, eating consistent meals, drinking plenty of water, exercise and meditation can bring balance to your physiology.

For me the positive intention of drug taking was for pleasure and to change my consciousness. I have over 15 ways to satisfy these needs that are healthy now. Anything you get from compulsions and addictions, can also be found in healthy sources.

Today I use hypnotherapy, meditation, connection with people, exercise and serving others to feel good. They are equal to that of the ‘best’ drugs I have ever used.

Telling someone their addiction is bad doesn’t satisfy their needs. Finding what their needs are, then satisfying that in a way they hadn’t thought was possible, enables recovery. You have a literal storehouse of Feel Good Chemicals in your body. Do you know how to use them?

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Almost all studies suggest poor diet, refined sugar and alcohol interrupt these happy chemicals from being released naturally. The above feel good and are free! They have no side-effects!

Education can be confronting and also empowering. An uneducated addict is more likely to continue their behaviour, because awareness is lacking. When did drugs I would read other people’s experiences of their use extensively and be open to the positive and negative effects of each drug. By increasing your awareness you also increase your power.

One of the top ways to discourage your children from taking up addictions is to display healthy control yourself. Tell your children the truth when they ask questions. Give them an argument that you actually believe. When children ask questions, give them answers that are rational, so they aren’t left with a curious itch to scratch.

I don’t know about you, but I like anticipation. Waiting to get pleasure is fun. I know I could have it now, but the anticipation is just as enjoyable. Anyone who has experienced teasing and foreplay, knows how exciting anticipation can be. Research shows that those who can delay gratification live more fulfilled lives. Practise waiting for pleasure and saying “no” to things that no longer suit you.

What is that one life mess you know you need to get sorted? A health mess? Addiction? Financial mess? Relationship mess? Don’t let things drag out too long. Take action, even if it scares you a little. On the other side of your comfort zone is growth and your new, healthier life. I welcome a conversation with you to help you gain freedom from addiction.


Jeremy Walker works as a Hypnotherapist and Demartini Method Facilitator in Brisbane QLD. He enjoys nothing better than seeing someone gain self-mastery in their life. Jeremy focuses on helping people with; addictions, alcohol reduction, quitting smoking, weight control and mind/body health.